Aston Martin x Brough AMB 001 Motorcycle | Uncrate

Not content with creating one of the most exciting cars ever built with the Valkyrie, Aston Martin has joined with the reborn Brough Superior, a legendary British motorcycle manufacturer, for the AMB 001

The track-only AMB 001 is the first time the Aston Martin name has appeared on a motorcycle, and it takes the Valkyrie’s unlimited, no-expense-spared performance philosophy to the realm of two wheels. Promising to be one of the most powerful bikes ever built, the AMB 001 packs a turbocharged, stressed-member v-twin engine making 180 horsepower into a lightweight carbon fiber frame for a total weight of just under 400 pounds. The aerodynamic bodywork features Aston Martin styling cues, including a strake across the tank that also separates the digital gauge display. A double-wishbone front fork is a departure from the traditional telescoping units, and every part is specific to this bike, down to the CNC’d monoblock brake calipers. Limited to 100 examples, the AMB 001 with start production in 2020.