Rolls-Royce Black Badge Cullinan | Uncrate

For those looking for a more intimidating style to their ultra-luxury SUV, Rolls-Royce has added the Cullinan to their Black Badge series

Black Badge launched in 2016 and strips the opulent chrome trim, most noticeably from the trademark Pantheon grille, in favor of a monochrome black all the way down to the exhaust tips. The result is one of the most menacing SUVs you can get, with Roll-Royce’s legendary attention to detail that satisfies even the most demanding of customers. More than just a color scheme, the 6.75-liter V12 has been massaged to produce 600 horsepower 664 ft-lb of torque, with the drive train and chassis receiving updates to better handle the increased output. If black isn’t your preferred color, 44,000 choices of pigment are available, along with bespoke colors created specifically for the customer. The infinity symbol is used as a fitting motif throughout the cabin — the options for customization are nearly endless.